Cultural Heritage vs. Social Capital

Are museums having their time, now? How long will it last? Is a museum, in which visitors slide with felt slippers on their feet, a modern one? This and other questions will be asked by us and we’ll want to jointly find answers during the Time of Museums? debate.

The debate is a fragment of the works on a Museology Development Strategy being prepared under auspices of the National Institute of Museology and Protection of Collections, based on the principle of a socially open forum integrating various scientific and culture-creating centers of exchange of thoughts, opinions.

On the 4th of July, in Cracow, we are organizing, together with the International Center of Culture and in co-operation with Kolegium Wigierskie (Wigry College), the first conference inaugurating a cycle of our “wandering debate” which will run through several cities in the next few months, trying to include to the discussion next scientific and museum circles as well as all persons interested in these issues from the civic perspective.