Mature for Art

January 24, 11 a.m.
Man in a broader view of (anti)art

Along with a rapid development of industry, technological progress and urban transformations, man entered a period of modernity. Animated by some entirely new stimuli, life sped up its pace like it had never done before. This resulted in a series of changes, not only in the social and economic domains, but in the whole iconosphere.
Increasingly, the artists feasted their eyes with everyday reality. A confrontation with this fascinating and, simultaneously, terrifying dynamics awakened a need for creativity, for coming up with new ways in which industrialisation and urbanisation can be represented.

The meeting aims at discussing some of the artists currently displayed at the ICC Gallery through the prism of their (prohibited) photographic activities. The lecture will delineate the background against which the artists’ photographic oeuvre could be analysed, while paintings/sculptures/prints will be juxtaposed with the artistic achievements in the field of photography. One of the central issues addressed during the presentation will be a long process which led to the elevation of photography to the rank of art. Also, a role of photography in the struggle with the contested order of the world will be emphasised.

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