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Symposium promoting the "Polski Petersburg" online encyclopaedia

20.11.2018, godz. 18:00

21.11.2018, godz. 18:00

22.11.2018, godz. 13:00

The art quarter

Every Thursday and Friday, we invite you to a 15-minute meeting, during which we will tell about one of the artifacts presented at the exhibition Istanbul. Two worlds, one city.

22.11.2018, godz. 18:00

22.11.2018, godz. 11:00

24.11.2018, godz. 10:00

25.11.2018, godz. 11:00

25.11.2018, godz. 12:30

Encounters with art

An hour-long sunday class aimed at kids aged 4-6 and held at the ICC.
28.11.2018, godz. 18:30

28.11.2018, godz. 18:00

03.12.2018, godz. 12:00

ICC on a dummy

The "ICC on a dummy" cycle has been specially created to address the needs of the youngest visitors (not older than three years) as well as their caretakers to the ICC Gallery.
07.12.2018, godz. 18:00

14.12.2018, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

The ICC project aimed at people enjoying their free mornings and wishing to increase their competence in the fields of art and culture.
16.12.2018, godz. 12:30

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