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23.03.2018, godz. 18:00

The traces of Ukraine in Krakow - meeting with Iwona Boruszkowska and Urszula Pieczek

Iwona Boruszkowska – doctor in literary studies, lecturer in the Department of Theory of Literature of the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University. Author of Defekty. Literackie auto/pato/grafie – szkice.

Urszula Pieczek – editor of “Znak” monthly, doctoral student at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University.

Meeting in Polish. Admission is free.
27.03.2018, godz. 16:00

28.03.2018, godz. 18:00

Lwów. The architecture and planning in modernity after modernity – lecture by Prof. Bohdan Cherkes

The architectural landscape of pre-war Lviv was a tangle of many circumstances. Lviv Polytechnic and its teaching staff played an important role in integrating architectural training in the Second Polish Republic. Being one of just two technical schools in Poland it drew in students from all corners of the country.
05.04.2018, godz. 18:00

Meeting with Agnieszka Partridge on the book The power of ornament

Meeting with Agnieszka Partridge on the book Potęga ornamentu. Europejska ceramika artystyczna w budownictwie z lat 1840–1939 i jej przykłady w obiektach architektury Krakowa [The power of ornament. European art ceramics in 1840-1939 buildings with examples of Krakow architecture].
08.04.2018, godz. 12:30

Lviv fairy tales and legends – workshops for Children

A meeting for children with joint reading of Lviv fairy tales and legends followed by art workshops inspired by these stories.
08.04.2018, godz. 16:00

Guided tour in ukrainian

A cycle of guided tours on exhibition Lviv, 24th June 1937.City, architecture, modernism in ukrainian.
13.04.2018, godz. 11:00

Mature for Art

The ICC project aimed at people enjoying their free mornings and wishing to increase their competence in the fields of art and culture.
14.04.2018, godz. 11:00

Walks about heritage

February 10, Saturday, at 11:00 - sightseeing of the Church of St. Martin in Krakow with Marta Sztwiertnia.
15.04.2018, godz. 12:30

Encounters with art

An hour-long sunday class aimed at kids aged 4-6 and held at the ICC.
04.06.2018, godz. 12:00

ICC on a dummy

The "ICC on a dummy" cycle has been specially created to address the needs of the youngest visitors (not older than three years) as well as their caretakers to the ICC Gallery.
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