Adriatic epopee. Ivan Meštrović

Adriatic epopee. Ivan Meštrović

Date of issue: 2017
Volume: 24 × 27,5 cm
Cover: hardback
Pages: 296

ISBN 978-83-63463-68-7
59.00 PLN
50.00 PLN
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From a village near Split in Dalmatia he set off to the world to gain recognition in metropolitan centres all around the world. The great Auguste Rodin considered him his artistic follower, Jerzy Stempowski called him “the second Phidias”, while his contemporaries compared him to Michelangelo himself. “Adriatic Epopee” is the first Polish publication of this size dedicated to the greatest Croatian artist of the 20th century – Ivan Meštrović.

Our catalogue contains reproductions of the artist’s major sculptures, sketches, and drawings, together with his detailed biography complemented with maps and archive photos, as well as essays by art critics, curators, and specialists.

Maciej Czerwiński analyses Meštrović’s work and its significance for the process of consolidation of Croatian national pride. Łukasz Galusek discusses the artist as a Central European, while Barbara Vujanović and Dalibor Prančević investigate his outstanding career.

Of particular interest is a reprinted essay, previously unknown to wide public, by the famous Polish-Slovenian art historian – Professor Wojsław Mole (1886-1973), who recognised the talent of the Croatian sculptor in the 1930s. The book includes also texts by Jerzy Stempowski and Józef Wittlin, both fascinated in Meštrović’s work.

The album was published on the occasion of “Adriatic Epopee. Ivan Meštrović”, exhibition organised by the International Cultural Centre in Krakow and Ivan Meštrović Museum in Split.


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